Thursday, December 29, 2016

Exploring Pushes and Pulls - PLTW

This year I made a career change. One that was a little unexpected, but one that I am thoroughly enjoying. After years of teacher in a preschool setting, in both private and public school, I have taken on the challenge of teaching kindergarten science using the Project Lead The Way curriculum. My district has made a firm commitment to making this program a part of our educational goals from kindergarten through high school. The children are truly enjoying the hands on approach and learning through the engineering design process. Our most recent module explored the uses of pushes and pulls.

By supplying our class with all of the necessary supplies, PLTW has enabled us to create scenarios to help us see and create all of the examples we need to help us understand the concepts of force and motion. After using the game, "Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine" we were able to re-create some of the scenes featured in the included book and then move on to our own inventions. The video below shows just a small glimpse into what we were able to do. Hopefully I will be adding more examples of the kinds of learning we are all experiencing together with this new and innovative program

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