Friday, August 5, 2016

Book Review - City Fun


City Fun is a simple tale of two friends who make their way through a day in the city enjoying everything there is to see and do. It is written in somewhat of an old style, but the repetition and use of basic sight words is excellent for beginning readers. The illustrations also serve as helpful picture clues. If you are currently using Writer's Workshop with your class this book is an great jumping off point for topic selection. If you are living and/or teaching in an urban setting the children will probably recognize most of what they see on the pages and be able to describe something similar in their own neighborhoods. If the city scenes are something new to your children, then the "what if" possibilities are endless.

There are many different ways that this book can be used to foster reading reinforcement skills. The pictures and actions in the story can lead to many class discussions about things happening in your own town. It is a rich source for a daily topic or a story starter for a writing assignment. The end of the book lists the vocabulary words used throughout the story. If you are using a word wall in your room the children will almost instantly be familiar with this.

There is a bit of a downside though. This book was originally published in 1981. The illustrations seem a little dated, although they have been updated from the original version, and the larger problem may be explaining why the two girls are never accompanied by an adult. I would still use the book though. It is an easy read and offers children a chance to use the skills they are honing to become better independent readers.

Title: City Fun
Author: Margaret Hillert
Illustrator: Karen Lewis
Publisher: Norwood House Press
Publishing Date: July, 2016

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