Friday, April 1, 2016

Book Review: A Party For Clouds, Thunderstorms

Now that April has finally arrived, I thought it was time to start gathering some weather related ideas. I knew what I wanted to do for science and art, but I was on the lookout for some new books. My pre-k 4 class is into Writer's Workshop this year and we often use stories to jump start our topic selection. I had some books that I've used in the past and I was ready to begin my research when this book popped up on my Net Galley feed. Needless to say, I thought it would be perfect and I was thrilled when I was approved for the download.


This book has everything my class loves. It's a chapter book, so I can start it before lunch and finish it later. It contains a glossary which is a huge plus when we make vocabulary lists. The illustrations are fun and will definitely help the children relate to the fear they can feel when a thunderstorm approaches. Each page also contains a very clear and child-friendly explanation of what actually occurs during a storm. As a bonus, the book also includes a very quick and fun experiment that helps explain the sound that thunder makes.

This book was published in March, 2016. You can find it here:
Barnes and Noble.
Title: A Party For Clouds, Thunderstorms
Author: Belinda Jensen
Illustrator: Renee Kurilla
Published: March, 2016
Publisher: Lerner Publishing Group

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