Sunday, August 24, 2014

Anecdotal Records

Over the years I have had to record anecdotal records for my classes. Some curriculums provide their own format while others leave it up to the teachers. Our school currently uses Tools Of The Mind. Since they don't offer their own system of keeping anecdotal records, we use the online anecdotal system offered by Teaching Strategies. It is an excellent way of keeping track of each child's progress. However it is impossible during the course of a busy preschool day to drop everything and run to the computer. So I created my own version of the file folder method.


The folders can be purchased anywhere. I found the sticky notes at Dollar Tree. At the bottom of each note I will write each child's name. During the day it will allow me to jot down quick notes which I can then later transfer to the online form. The notes can be replaced as needed very quickly. The folder is easy to carry around the room and can provide easy access for me, or my paraprofessional, to note special moments during the day.


The folder cover can be found here.

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