Friday, July 11, 2014

Book Review - Spud The Couch Potato by Sean Jackson


I suppose it speaks volumes, that as I'm typing this review, I can look out my window and see that it's an absolutely beautiful day and yet not a single child is playing outside. And that seems to be the norm most days around here. I'd like to think that they're all inside reading or off visiting a friend but I suspect that what's really going on is very similar to what's happening in this story.

Our young subject, Spud, would much rather stay inside glued to his TV than be outside doing something with his friends or with anyone for that matter. Through a series of clever rhymes and humorous illustrations we see the many fun and interesting things that Spud would prefer not to be doing. Until the day his television stops working.

As a teacher, I know this story will hit home with both children and parents. Times have changed and how families fill their free time has too. But this story serves as a gentle and funny reminder that there is much more to life than staring at a screen. The story is short, but loaded with meaning. A must for any family or classroom library.

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