Sunday, April 27, 2014

Book Review - Pig And Small by Alex Latimer

I recently joined and was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to review this book almost immediately. Pig And Small by Alex Latimer is due for release in August 2014.


Pig And Small is a classic story about friendship. While trying to prove how little they have in common, Pig and Bug happily discover how much alike they really are. Children will laugh at their attempts to ride a bike together and they will smile when they discover that the two friends are finally able to find activities that they can take part in together. The illustrations are eye catching and the text is simple and engaging. I can see teachers adding this title to their list of books to used during friendship themes or as an ice breaker during the opening weeks of school. I plan to add it to my lesson plans when it becomes available.

The story is simple enough for pre-schoolers and presents a theme advanced enough for those already in kindergarten. Younger children will be able to discuss the characters and re-tell what happened with relative ease. Older students can use any of several story points as writing prompts. I would definitely recommend this title to fellow teachers.

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