Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shamrock Hunt

As most teachers know, the dollar store can be our best friend. I purchased this set of foam shamrocks two years ago and they're still going strong. Every year, prior to St. Patrick's Day, we have a fun little activity that we do each day. Before the children arrive, I hide the shamrocks around the room. As the children arrive I challenge them to find one of the shamrocks and place it in a basket we have set aside. Sometimes they find all of them fairly quickly and sometimes we have one or two that remain unfound. I will offer hints as to where they might be and only when the children have given up do I find it for them. In the past we've had parents, other teachers and even the principal join in the hunt. I've included a photo of the shamrocks and a free copy of the sign we post on the door. Happy hunting!


I was in my local Dollar Tree last week and they still sell this set.


Leprechaun and shamrocks courtesy of free clip art

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